Development of the Internet

The widespread adoption of Internet technology has created a number of new companies in industries that did not exist 20 years ago, and most companies that did exist 20 years ago are incorporating Internet technology into their business operations. Also with the norm having either fast cellphone internet or ADSL at home, more and more areas are being installed with fiber connections. The day of the slow internet (56k dial-up) is long gone and content is becoming more rich and bigger in size. Movies, series, videos and live broadcasts are now being streamed online. Video has since become the medium of choice as pictures speak a 1000 words but a video is 1000 pictures.


WordPress is a website back-end system that helps people with little website knowledge manage and update their own website. It was originally developed for bloggers but quickly became popular among web developers as its secure and easy web development traits speed up the development and updating of a website. More than 70% of the websites online today use either WordPress or Drupal of some sort (CMS).

The power of Social Media

The internet has come social by nature. Social media has become a part of most generation since 2010. Content gets shared and viewed among peers and quickly become viral. Many companies spend lots of money hoping that their content gets shared. Catchy scripts and scene are written to catch the attention of the viewer hoping that they share the content and in return, they get free marketing. Some even sponsor people with many followers on Instagram and Twitter hoping that they show it to their followers and advise them to purchase the product. It has been found that even political parties try and win votes by getting the big names in Youtube to announce who they are voting for. Social media has become a powerful client influencer and also a powerful tool to reach out to them.

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